T-Mobile USA iPhone 4 Prototype Leaks to the Web

Apple is apparently testing a prototype iPhone model on T-Mobile’s wireless network in the United States, and photos of the alleged device have found their way onto the Internet. Even though the rumor sounds enticing on its own, the photos spice things up a bit by showing what appears to be a white iPhone 4.

T-MobileLeaked photos hint at T-Mobile iPhone in the U.S.

The photos, obtained by Boy Genius Report, show what looks like a white iPhone 4 on T-Mobile’s network, although the proximity sensor is apparently in the wrong location. The presumption is that the photos show a test model, and not a final production unit.

Assuming Apple really is testing the iPhone on T-Mobile’s network, the company is working with a non-standard unit because shipping iPhone models don’t support all of the GSM radio frequencies the carrier relies on. If so, this is a fairly good indicator that Apple is planning on adding T-Mobile to its list of U.S. iPhone carriers at some point.

Even if the photos are fake, T-Mobile may get to carry the iPhone — in a manner of speaking — relatively soon. AT&T is planning on purchasing T-Mobile from Deutsche Telekom, and hopes to have the deal wrapped up within about 12 months. AT&T is already selling the iPhone in the U.S., and T-Mobile customers would presumably have the option of buying iPhones once the deal is completed.

As always, Apple isn’t commenting on unannounced products and rumors, so there isn’t any official word on a T-Mobile iPhone coming out of Cupertino.