Tablet Launch Delaying iPhone OS Update

Apparently Apple has an iPhone OS update ready to go, but hasn't rolled it out to customers yet because of the as of yet unreleased tablet device. The latest rumors claim that the new iPhone OS update includes tablet-related code and references that Apple wants to keep under wraps, according to Boy Genius Report.

The site's anonymous source was described as a "close Apple connect," who also offered up a few tablet details. The rumored Apple tablet device will allegedly run an iPhone-based kernel on an ARM processor, sport enhanced multi-touch gesture support beyond what's currently available on the iPhone and iPod touch, and is essentially "an iPhone on steroids."

While there isn't any way to verify the information the anonymous source offered, the idea that the Apple tablet device is like a big iPhone fits with a photo that The Mac Observer obtained on Monday that our sources claim is the tablet's glass surface.

Apple hasn't confirmed that it is releasing a tablet device, but the company is rumored to be planning a special media event for January 26 or 27 where it will finally unveil what it has been working on.