TabToolKit 2 Adds Tab Store, iPad Retina Display Improvements

Agile Partners released TabTolKit 2 this week for iPad and iPhone. The new version of the tablature app for bassists and guitarists adds a Tab Store where customers can buy (fully licensed) tabs for more than 500 songs, and other new features.

Tab Store in TabToolKit

Tab Store in TabToolKit

For those unfamiliar with the concept, tablature is a way to read and write music for musicians who can’t read or write music. Rather than expressing the notes on a staff with traditionally notation (as seen at the top of the image below), notes are expressed as a number (for the fret) and one of six lines (or four for bass) representing the string (as seen on the second line in the image below).

TabToolKit will display the tabs, and it adds a virtual representation of a guitar neck with the notes in the tabs shown as red dots (as shown at the bottom of the image below). All three options can be turned off as needed.

She's a Soul Shaker

Tabs for The Cult’s “Love Removal Machine”

Other new features in TabToolKit 2


  • Tab Store is now open, featuring hundreds of popular songs in a wide range of genres, with more songs added weekly.
  • Tab Store songs are affordable, officially licensed, and accurately transcribed.
  • All songs are “full-score” with complete notation for each guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard track, as well as vocal tracks with lyrics.
  • Browse songs by artist, genre or instrument.
  • Search by artist name, song title, album title, or genre.
  • Request a song if your favorite song isn’t currently in Tab Store.


  • Gorgeous, full-resolution rendering on the new iPad Retina display.

  • A/B looping, perfect for learning and jam-along.
  • Guitar tracks include rhythm notation.

  • Combine and simultaneously display right and left hand fingering on the keyboard display.
  • Drum tracks include a drum kit visualizations that shows drum hits as they happen.

  • Volume mixer to easily change the volume of multiple instrument tracks.
  • Vastly improved instrument audio (iPhone 4 / 4S, iPad 2 / 3rd generation), based on high-fidelity audio samples for over 190 different instruments.
  • Innovative vocal engine based on actual male and female voice samples for use on vocal tracks.
  • New metronome sounds for a total of 27 pairs of samples ranging from old favorites to new analog and digital clicks, percussion instruments, drum kit sounds and more.
  • Dozens of other music notation and playback improvements.

TabToolKit is free for a limited time to promote the new release. Users can still add their own tabs (there are tens of thousands available on the Internet), or they can be purchased from the Tab Store as in-app purchases for US$0.99 each. The app is a hybrid app for iPhone and iPad.