Taito Classic Bust-a-Move Pops Onto the App Store


Bust-a-Move, the original "join three or more like-colored balls and pop them off the screen" game, is now available at the App Store, courtesy of original developer Taito. Its classic gameplay is available in Story mode, a new puzzle-solving adventure; in Versus mode, where players go head-to-head via Bluetooth; and in Challenge mode, which features a never-ending stream of levels.

Like many iPhone games, Bust-a-Move offers multiple ways to control the action. In this case, players can pull a bubble back like a pinball and fire it into the game board, or they can tap a direction to launch a bubble. Pricing is US$4.99 and iPhone OS 3.0 is required. Versus mode is unavailable on the first-generation iPod touch.

Thanks to Macworld for the heads-up.