Take Control of Twitter Email Notifications

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Twitter may be loads of fun, but the constant barrage of email notifications? Not so much. You can, however, get those email notifications back under control with a quick trip to your Twitter account settings. Get ready for lots of mouse clicks.

To trim down the stream of Twitter email notifications, you need to log into your account at the Twitter website. Next, click the gear icon at the top right of your Twitter stream, and then choose Settings. Now choose Email notifications from the options list on the left.

Twitter has 20 different settings for managing email notificationsTwitter has 20 different settings for managing email notifications

From here you can disable any email notifications you don't want, and for a few you can control when you get notifications, too. For example, you can limit retweet notifications to just the people you follow, and if you like the Top Tweets and Stories emails you can limit how frequently those come in.

It's great that Twitter gave us the ability to control email notifications, but there are 20 different options in those settings. 20 different options, people! So if you don't want any email notifications you have to click 20 different check boxes. That'll keep your mouse click finger in shape.

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Wow, no mention of renewed patent settlement talks with Samsung or Apple considering larger screens for iPad and iPhone.  I guess both stories go against Bryan Chaffin’s/MacObserver’s reason for existence - hating on Samsung with a unique blend of ignorance, arrogance and xenophobia (and based on last week, your hating on Microsorft as well).  Your website’s silence on these 2 breaking stories is deafening.  Even AppleInsider covered the renewed patent settlement talks.  What WILL you do if Apple settles with Samsung??  Even Cooke and the Woz don’t support the patent litigation.

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