Take Control Intros New iPhone Titles

Take Control and TidBITS announced the immediate availability of Take Control of Your iPhone Apps and Take Control of iPhone OS 3 on Thursday.

Take Control of Your iPhone Apps, by popular author, TidBITS columnist and iPhone expert Jeff Carlson, is 122 pages long and explains how to use the core iPhone apps to get the most out of your combination iPod and smartphone. The book covers using the iPhone's built-in Mail app, Mobile Safari, Calendar, Maps, iPod, Compass, Camera, and more. It also shows how to use the Music and Video apps on the iPod touch.

The ebook also explains how to work with data on the go, setting up alarms, creating conference calls, how to get the most out of the iPhone's camera, and how to edit video on the iPhone 3GS.

Take Control of iPhone OS 3, by TMO columnist, prolific author and iPhone pro Ted Landau, covers the new features in iPhone OS 3.0 and the iPhone 3GS, how to configure iPhone settings, and offers up tips and tricks for keeping your iPhone running smoothly.

The ebook explains how to transfer photos from your iPhone, how the iPhone knows its location, how to pair Bluetooth headsets, deleting third party applications, how to type faster on the virtual keyboard, building peer-to-peer networks, traveling internationally with your iPhone, and more.

Take Control of Your iPhone Apps is priced at US$10 and Take Control of iPhone OS 3 costs $15. Both are available at the Take Control Web site in PDF format.