"Take Control of Safari 4” Available Now

Take Control of Safari 4TidBITS Publishing Inc. announced on Friday that it has published Take Control of Safari 4, by Sharon Zardetto. The 92-page book helps beginning and intermediate Mac users learn new Safari 4 features.

Readers will learn how to identify Top Sites and search the page content of bookmarks and history. The book also provides essential advice on ways to manage bookmarks, load multiple Web pages at once, fill out forms automatically, keep track of passwords, download files, keep up with favorite Web sites via RSS, and manage Web-browsing history.

Readers will find answers to common questions like these:

  • What are all the keyboard shortcuts for working with tabs?
  • How do I bookmark a page I want to return to?
  • How do I import Firefox bookmarks?
  • What are the default keyboard shortcuts for the bookmarks bar?
  • Can I search for text on the currently active Web page?
  • How do I erase my history to prevent someone snooping through it?
  • Where does Safari store Web site user names and passwords?
  • How do I use Safari to read RSS headlines from different sites?
  • How do I "snip" a Web page to make it into a Dashboard widget?

The book is available from Take Control Books in both PDF (US$10) and print (US$19.99) formats.