Talking Larry the Bird Hits iPad & iPhone

Outfit7 announced Monday the release of Talking Larry the Bird — no relation to the Larry Bird — for iPad and iPhone. Talking Larry is billed as a companion for users, and he features the ability to whistle back melodies you play on a keyboard and repeat back what you said in his own voice.

In addition, users can poke him, feed him, strike him with lighting and make him bow and accept applause. Users can also record videos of their interactions with Larry and share them to YouTube, Facebook, or e-mail them.

Application highlights:

  • Playing on the piano keyboard will cause Larry to whistle accordingly
  • Talking to Larry will cause him to repeat the speech with a funny voice
  • Poking him in the head will cause him to spin
  • Pressing buttons in the app will make Larry react in different ways
  • Users are able to record videos of Talking Larry and share them on YouTube and Facebook or send them by e-mail

Talking Larry the Bird is the third in a series of Talking pets from the company. It’s available for US$1.99 for iPhone or $4.99 for iPad.

Talking Larry the Bird

Talking Larry for iPhone