Tapbots Unveils Alpha Version of Tweetbot for Mac

Tapbots is finally bringing its popular iPhone and iPad Twitter client Tweetbot the the Mac, but for not as a finished product at least yet. Tweetbot for the Mac is currently available as an alpha release, meaning it works, but has plenty of bugs and rough edges.

Tweetbot for the MacTweetbot for the Mac

The Tapbots team has been working on bringing the core features from the iOS versions of Tweetbot to the Mac, and now that they have that task under their collective belts are ready for user feedback. They’ll continue to work on adding new features during the alpha and beta phases, fixing what’s broken, and polishing up the interface.

The alpha version of Tweetbot for the Mac requires OS X 10.7 or newer, and the final version will require Mountain Lion. It doesn’t support iCloud syncing yet, nor does it support Mountain Lion’s Notification Center feature because both require app signing through the Mac App Store submission process. They promise both will be available in the shipping version.

The alpha version of Tweetbot for the Mac is free and available for download at the Tapbots website. Pricing hasn’t been set for the shipping version, and a release date hasn’t been announced yet, either, because the Tapbots team wants to work through the development process before committing to a deadline.