Target Confirms Plans For Apple Stores-Within-Stores

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Target has confirmed rumors from earlier this week that Apple will open stores-within-stores at 25 of its locations. The New York Times quoted a Target spokeswoman as saying the effort would involve “expanded displays” of Apple’s merchandise; she declined to elaborate on specifics.

Target already sells iPads and iPods, and its retail locations with Target Mobile sales centers offer the iPhone 4 and 3GS. However, it doesn’t sell Macs, Apple TV, or any other Apple products, and the Target spokeswoman wouldn’t say if those would be included in the store-within-a-store.

Apple currently uses the store-within-a-store concept at over 600 Best Buy locations. That effort and the possibility of expanding further into Target’s 1,752-store chain will help augment Apple’s 245 retail outlets in the U.S.

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Lee Dronick

Going to be interesting which of the 25 Target Stores will be getting the Apple Store. Also which products they will be carrying. I note that Target Stores sell TVs.


Interesting that Best Buy and Target are both based in the Twin Cities, MN metro.

Shawn King

Reading comprehension fail. Target “confirmed” no such thing. Target said it will have 25 stores that will feature special displays of Apple product - a far cry from the store-within-a-store idea at Best Buy.

Is there a reason why this wishful thinking from *every* media outlet has permeated this story? Why can’t you get it right?

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