Target to Sell iPhone Starting Nov 7

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Big box retailer Target will be getting in on the iPhone action starting November 7 when it starts selling the combination iPod and smartphone in its retail locations. Both the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 will be available in 846 U.S. retail locations with Target Mobile centers.

Apple’s iPhone is coming to Target

Apple already offers the iPhone through its own retail stores, along with AT&T stores, Best Buy and Walmart. Adding Target to the list offers potential customers even more locations to potentially purchase an iPhone this holiday buying season.

Target plans to expand its Target Mobile center program to most of its 1,752 stores by mid 2011, potentially adding even more retail locations where it can sell the iPhone.


John Dingler, artist,

Will the iPhone’s ubiquity dilute its appeal, leading perhaps to communization and a lowering of price per unit, and, if Apple already assumes this would be the case, what kind of a plan might it have or product to introduce to take the iPhone’s place to counter the loss?

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