Targus Shows File Share Cable for Mac

| Macworld Expo 2009

SAN FRANCISCO -- At this week's Macworld Expo, Targus was showing the Targus File Share Cable for Mac. The product is a simple, elegant solution for transferring files between Macs, or between a Mac and a PC.

Targus File Share Cable
Targus File Share Cable for Mac

Simply take the cable, and plug it into the machines you'd like to transfer files between. In a moment, an icon for the included file transfer program will appear on your desktop. Click on the icon, and an application with two windows appears. One window is for the local machine, one is for the remote machine. Take the file(s) you'd like to transfer, drag them from one window to the other, and your files are transferred via USB.

The Targus File Share Cable for Mac has a retail price of US$49.99.



So, does this compensate for the lack of a Firewire port (and lack of Target Disk Mode) on the new MacBooks?  If so, Targus might have something here!

Del Conkright

What a farce this is!  I bought it and tried to copy my Firefox Application from one Leopard OS computer to another.  The application copied but not the bookmarks.  I went and copied the plist and everything else I could find and put them in the appropriate folder and still no luck.  What use is it if I have to copy the whole computer over or only documents, pictures, and songs?


Dis you actually attempt to copy your Firefox Profile folder (looks like 0e3ku7bn.default, or similar), which contains your bookmarks, or are you just complaining because it didn’t do that automatically for you?


This would be used to copy data not Applications anyway. To get your firefox bookmarks would be easy, copy the bookmarks your done. You may need to import them on the other machine to get them to actually come up again.


Belkin’s Switch-to-Mac supposedly transfers all major PC data files and populates that data into the appropriate Mac Application (like Mail, Address Book, and iCal)

Many people have reported it works fine. Too bad it didn’t work for me.

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