Teardown Shows Apple’s New Mac Pro Has Socketed (Replaceable) CPU

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Other World Computing has published photos of its teardown of Apple's new Mac Pro. They're great pics, but the big takeaway from the gallery is that Apple has used a socketed CPU that could be upgraded in the future.

As Apple has often soldered its CPUs or used so-called de-capped CPUs that can't be upgraded, this is big news for users looking to get longer life out of their Mac Pros by having an option to upgrade CPUs—or even to simply replace a broken CPU—at some point down the road.

The image below shows the CPU:


OWC's Image of the Intel CPU in the New Mac Pro
Source: OWC

Next, OWC removed the CPU itself, and lo! It is socketed. (Note that OWC rotated the board 180 degrees in this second image.)


That's Holy Ground!
Source: OWC

The new Mac Pro has an amazingly tight design, so it's delightful that Apple was able to achieve the small footprint of the device without resorting to soldering the CPU in. Most users won't bother—or even need—to replace their CPUs, but those who do will have options.

I should stipulate, however, that it will take a pro to do it right, but my guess is that third party companies will offer such upgrades as a service.

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So, after all the criticism, the new MacPro can have the CPU, GPUs, & RAM changed/upgraded/replaced by the purchaser, albeit with Mac specific items.

Perhaps Apple could have avoided some of the unnecessary negative press/comments by making this known at their launch or in subsequent communications….


I agree that Apple could have made all of this known but it has been fun reading the incorrect whiny girl complaints about all of the new Mac Pro’s supposed shortcomings all over the internet about a computer almost no one had even seen in person yet or used. I remember all the snickers when gimicky Apple announced the iPad too.

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