TechRestore Offers Literal Take on iPad in Video Parody

Our friends at TechRestore somehow found time to put together a parody video for the iPad, one with a rather a literal take on "iPad." Brian Northway, Design & Marketing director for TechRestore, told us, "Unlike the real iPad, this one is compatible with all conventional, wireless writing utensils (e.g. pens, pencils, markers), weighs only a fraction of Apple's iPad!"

The "device" offers the following features:

  • Always has a wireless signal (see indicator bars)
  • No monthly data service contract required
  • 50x less expensive than an Apple iPad
  • Never needs recharging
  • 100% Recyclable

You can see the full concept in the video below, which was based on Apple's own soundtraack. Priced at "only" US$9.99, the iPad Pad is available at TechRestore.