TechRestore Offers Matte Finish for Plastic MacBook Screens

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TechRestore announced Monday a new matte finish LCD screen replacement service (link updated) for black and white plastic MacBooks, the original MacBooks that came with a glossy-only screen. The service is part of the company's 24-hour turnaround line of repair and upgrade services for various Mac and iPod product lines.

The service is priced at US$169, and includes the screen and return shipping, as well as the 24-hour turnaround time.

You can find more information on the service at TechRestore's Web site -- the 13" plastic-body MacBooks have been added to the existing options for the service.

TechRestore Matte Screen Replacement
Actual photo, provided by TechRestore.
The company said that the color differences in the case are due to reflections from the screen.

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A great product….and a great service by an excellent company.
Thanks TechRestore!

However, a huge shame-on-you to Apple for not giving buyers the option in the first place to have:
either a matte or glossy screen AND
either have no glass or glass or non-glare glass/plastic.

What a waste to throw-away (the cost of) a brand-new screen!

Why not give us a choice?  Some of us actually care about our ergonomics and physical health from being on a computer all day long!


Oh, this is the screen replacement for the prior Macbooks that didn’t have any glass.

Well the same concept applies.


My current screen is scratched and scuffed up, but works. Will this give me a whole new screen and remove these problems?


Well, what a second!

Bryan, are you talking about unibody MacBooks or pre-unibody MacBooks?
(The link you provide talks about screens for the unibody MacBooks.  Although, I think TechRestore has matte screens for pre-unibody Macs as well?)

Your link to TechRestore says:
“This service is for the “Unibody” MacBook systems with 13.3-inch screens that were released by Apple in late 2008. .....”

“What this service includes: Replacement of the super glossy, super shiny LCD screen on your MacBook with a matte finish, non-glossy screen. We also remove the shiny glass cover on your MacBook and replace it with a black bezel that surrounds the matte finish screen. The replacement screen will be brand new and include a 1-year TechRestore warranty. We will perform the service within 24-hours (M-F) of receipt of your Mac. “

I still think that TechRestore has matte screens for older MacBooks as well and that (in response to Kirk) they replace the ENTIRE screen, not just cover it with a matte film. Search their site more fully.

Bryan Chaffin

I had the wrong link in there, and have edited it accordingly. It should take you to the correct page for the new service.

Thanks for the notes!


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