TechRestore Offers Overnight LCD Replacement for Unibody MacBook

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TechRestoreTechRestore announced Tuesday an LCD screen replacement program for Apple's Unibody MacBook line for US$399. The company described it as the only "Factory-Fit" replacement solution, which uses a proprietary removal and bonding process for dealing with the tight requirements of Apple's Unibody MacBook design.

TechRestore's overnight service works as follows: The company overnights the customer a shipping box, which the customer then overnights back to TechRestore. The company replaces the screen and then overnights it back to the customer.

The $399 price tag includes the new LCD screen, installation, and free shipping. You can find more information at the above link.

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I have used TechRestore to replace the screen on my BlackBook and they were a pleasure to deal with. I am sure they have a method for replacing the screens which will leave no sign of replacement. I highly recommend them.


Geez, $399? I bet they use those LCD and glass panels they keep from the non-glossy conversion. Then again $399 installed sounds great compared to whay Apple wants to fix my Core Duo 17 inch iMac with the common line issue… $600!!!


With three overnight shipments, it seems like a big chunk of that $400 is going towards turnaround speed.


Don’t drop it.  Save yourself money.  Get a proper notebook bag that protects the notebook from all sides. Shut down your machine when traveling, so it doesn’t wake up in the travel and overheat the machine.  Most of all make sure when transporting it, not to have anything heavy sitting on the machine such as hard cover books.

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