Ted Landau Discusses iPhone 5, iOS 6 on MacNotables

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TMO columnist and popular author Ted Landau joined Chuck Joiner on the MacNotables podcast to talk about Apple's brand new iPhone 5 and iOS 6 operating system.


Ted and Chuck talked about why Ted bought the new iPhone model, favorite features, which hardware features are most important, what to look for in iOS 6, and why both are a positive move forward for Apple.

MacNotables #1226 is available as free MP3 download at the MacNotables website.

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Why did Apple change in IOS 6 how you now view groups in contacts? Before it was easy, but now it’s just plain stupid. Did anybody check this before it was released?

Before when I selected the group I wanted it would then display who was in that group. Now in order to see who is in the group I have to go to groups, de-select the groups I don’t want to see and then go back to then view the group/s that are remaining….. dumb dumb dumb. That is dumb! How did this ever get by the review process?

And still you can’t send texts by selecting a group, you still have to add each recipient individually and no more than eight recipients. The same goes for mail as well when it comes to adding a group (you can’t). Apple, this really can’t be that hard to do…. come on, this is suppose to be easy and not tedious.

There’s certainly nothing “World Class” about this.

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