Ted Landau Discusses iPhone 4 and the Mac mini on MacNotables

TMO columnist and popular author Ted Landau joined Chuck Joiner on the MacNotables podcast to talk about the new iPhone 4, Apple’s recent wave of product releases, and the freshly updated Mac mini.

Ted and Chuck discussed why Ted is getting an iPhone 4, his acquisition strategy, and the implications of the online pre-order meltdown. They also take a look at the rapid-fire rate of Apple product and update announcements, the “Mac is dead” discussions and why they are wrong, and why the iPad will replace some, but not all currently Mac-oriented tasks. The new Mac mini, the future of Apple TV, and whether it might include an Apple TV (you know, the kind with a screen), and Steve Jobs’s performance at D8 are all on the table for this week’s discussion.

MacNotables #1022 is available as free MP3 download at the MacNotables Web site.