Ted Landau Discusses iPods, Apple TV, Ping on MacNotables

TMO columnist and popular author Ted Landau joined Chuck Joiner on the MacNotables podcast to talk about Apple’s new iPod models, the second generation Apple TV, Ping and the cable TV industry.

Ted and Chuck discuss the evolution of the iPod, especially in light of Apple’s newly revamped lineup, the return of buttons to the iPod shuffle, and the loss of them on the iPod nano, whether a touch screen really makes sense at that size, and how Apple is posturing these devices for the future. They also delve into the new Apple TV, the market for online video, frustration with the cost of cable, and what Hollywood and the cable companies are missing, and take a look at Apple’s new music social network, Ping.

MacNotables #1031 is available as free MP3 download at the MacNotables Web site.