Ted Landau Talks Verizon iPhone, Macworld Expo on MacNotables

TMO columnist Ted Landau joined Chuck Joiner on the MacNotables podcast to talk about the just announced Verizon iPhone, the new Mac App Store, and his plans for Macworld Expo 2011.

Ted dove into this week’s introduction of the Verizon iPhone, what it might mean for the success of the iPhone platform, and some of the glaring omissions in the announcement. The phone’s hotspot capabilities, the choice of CDMA, and what it will do and what it won’t due are part of Ted’s analysis. The two also took a look at the Mac App Store and the effect it will have on how we buy and manage apps now and in the future, and they also discussed Ted’s plans, session and schedule for this month’s Macworld Expo 2011.

MacNotables #1101 is available as free MP3 download at the MacNotables Web site.