Telcel: New iPhones Coming Sept 30

Telcel Director of Value Added Services, Marco Quatorze, claims Apple will be releasing an updated iPhone 4 model at the end of September when the company wraps up its free case program. Telcel is one of Apple’s iPhone partner in Mexico, and Mr. Quatorze made the claim in response to questions from CanalMX (translation).

Currently, Apple is offering free cases to iPhone 4 buyers in response to concerns over antenna-related cell signal strength issues. Claims that covering the iPhone 4’s lower left corner with your hand would cause signal strength to drop appeared as the new model was released, ultimately leading to a special Apple press conference where the free case program was announced.

According to Mr. Quatorze, Apple will be replacing the current iPhone 4 model at the end of September with an new version that includes a redesigned antenna system that isn’t susceptible to the potential signal loss issues like the current shipping model. He also claimed Telcel will have several options in place for subscribers that want to swap out their current iPhone 4 for the updated model.

Since Apple typically keeps information about product changes secret, it doesn’t seem likely Mr. Quatorze would have access to details about upcoming iPhone 4 changes. While it’s possible a revised iPhone 4 model is on the way, it’s also possible that Mr. Quatorze is misinterpreting Apple’s plans for the end of September when the free case program wraps up.