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The iPad hits store shelves and user’s hands on Saturday, April 3, which means there are plenty of developers who are hard at work making sure they’re ready for the launch event. If you’re among the developers prepping apps for the iPad, The Mac Observer wants to hear from you. Just shoot us an email to let us know about your iPad apps, and so we can add them to our product review schedule, too.


Pierre Bernard


This is a short message to let you know that Houdah Software has submitted “Sudoko Duo” for iPad to Apple for review. We expect “Sudoku Duo” to become available April 3rd.

“Sudoku Duo” is a dual player Sudoku game for the iPad. It is based upon the same powerful Sudoku engine as ACTSudoku for iPhone. It is thus able to provide an almost infinite number of Sudoku games categorized in 3 levels of difficulty. Additionally it is able to provide intelligent hints. On “Sudoku Duo”, players may either collaborate or compete. A single player mode is also available.

You may have a sneak peek by watching the screen recording:

There are also full resolution screeenshots available here:

If you have the iPad simulator installed, we will gladly provide you with a preview copy to run in the simulator.


Pierre Bernard
Houdah Software s.? r.l.

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