Tesla Wants its Batteries to Power Your Home

Tesla, the company known for its high tech electric cars, wants to power your home with its just announced Tesla Energy wall mounted rechargeable battery system. Tesla Energy can be charged via solar panels, through traditional power grids, or combinations of charging sources.

Tesla wants to bring environmentally friendly power into our homesTesla wants to bring environmentally friendly power into our homes

The company plans to offer 7 kWh and 10 kWh Powerwall Home batteries for meeting the power needs in our homes. The 7 kWh version is designed to work as a supplement to solar powered homes so they have electricity at night, and the 10kWh version is for homes that still draw power from the electric grid, but want to ensure their electricity supply isn't ever interrupted.

Tesla's batteries will be available in models designed for business needs, too. Amazon Web Services, for example, is planning to power its servers with a bank of Tesla Energy batteries capable of outputting 4.8 megawatts. The company wants to scale up to 100 kWh installations grouped together to output upwards of 10 MWh for utility companies.

For home users looking to store their own power, the 7 kWh Pwerwall will cost US$3,000, and the 10 kWh model will be priced at $3,500.