TextExpander 5 and TextExpander touch 3.5 Released

[Editor's Note: Kelly Guimont does social media and support for these products for Smile Software. Because of that she seemed ideally suited to tell us about the updates, but we wanted to be clear about it for the sake of full disclosure. Also, TMO loves both Smile Software and TextExpander, so huzzahs all around! - Bryan Chaffin]

Two big updates came from Smile Software on Wednesday, both to "type things for me" app TextExpander. TextExpander for Mac has been upgraded to version 5, and TextExpander touch was updated to version 3.5. Both include improvements to existing features, and some new features outlined below:

One of the biggest new features to come to both apps is expanded syncing options: Now snippets can be synced using any Dropbox folder, iCloud Drive, or whatever other cloud syncing service you would rather use.

Look at all those syncing options...

Another notable feature that has come to both versions is JavaScript snippet support, including JavaScript for Automation. If you have built some nifty scripting snippets, or wanted to but TextExpander didn't support them, JavaScript is now supported on both Mac OS and iOS, so your snippets should work on both sets of devices.

TextExpander touch has also added support for x-callback-url functions. This is mostly a developer feature, because this support means that other apps can now work in conjunction with TextExpander touch to build automation; for example using Drafts or Workflow to build a string of actions that make it easier to send a standard email or take notes.

Another feature new to TextExpander touch is Search, which only existed on the Mac version previously. If you have;// used TextExpander for awhile, you probably have a reasonably vast library of snippets and search makes it a lot easier to figure out if you need to make a new one or have one you forgot about.

TextExpander 5 for Mac includes some new features as well. Aside from the JavaScript snippets and expanded syncing, you also get Suggestions, a feature that takes notice of something you've typed repeatedly and suggests via Notification Center that maybe you should create a snippet for that. This same feature can also remind you of snippets you've created. If you type out the text of something you have as a snippet you get nudged with a notification that includes the abbreviation to help you remember and build muscle memory for that new snippet. Both of these features can be disabled, if it turns out they aren't actually helping you.

Guess what I've been writing about lately...

If you already own TextExpander touch, the 3.5 release is a free update, just check in the App Store for updates, or if you update automatically, you might already have it installed. TextExpander 5 is a USD $19.95 paid upgrade from version 4 if your purchase was made prior to 2015. If your purchase was made after January 1, 2015, you are eligible for a free upgrade.