TextExpander 3 Adds New Search, Quick Entry Features

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SmileOnMyMac announced the immediate availability of TextExpander 3.0 for Mac Os X on Wednesday. The new version of the auto-expanding utility for abbreviations and text shortcuts added new search features for locating specific snippets along with a quick entry window for creating new snippets.

Version 3.0 includes the ability to search the snippet database for entries via a menubar search field, and can offer snippet suggestions based on what a user types. A quick entry window is now available so users can create new snippets in any application, the most recently expanded snippet can be edited through a hotkey combination, and snippets can now include multiple blank fields so users can add information on the fly when a snippet expands.

SmileOnMyMac also pulled TextExpander out of System Preferences and turned it into a full application.

TextExpander 3.0 requires mac Os X 10.6 or higher and is available for download at the SmileOnMyMac Web site. It is priced at US$34.95, and upgrades cost $15. Users that bought TextExpander after November 1, 2009, can upgrade to version 3.0 for free.

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