TextExpander Adds New HTML/CSS Snippet Group

Smile Software announced the immediate availability of TextExpander 3.2.4 for Mac OS X on Tuesday. The update for the text shortcut auto-expander added a new set of HTML and CSS code snippets that support auto-filling multiple variables.

The new snippet group lets users enter HTML tag attributes and CSS definitions as the abbreviations expand into complete tags, and users can now control the display font setting as well.

TextExpander for Mac OS X

TextExpander is a utility for Mac OS X that auto-expands abbreviations and text shortcuts into full words and phrases, and can also launch scripts to perform other actions. Versions of TextExpander are available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as well, and they can share abbreviation, or snippet, libraries with TextExpander for the Mac.

TextExpander for the Mac is priced at US$34.95 and is available for download at the Smile Software Web site. The update is free for version 3 users.