ThankYouPro Unveils iPhone Card Design App

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ThankYouPro announced the immediate availability of its Thank You Cards app for the iPhone on Monday. The app lets users create and order professional thank you cards for to be mailed to clients and prospects with a one-day turn around.

The Thank You Cards app lets users design cards with photos from the iPhone’s camera roll, includes 11 font choices, customizable text colors, support for drawing your signature on the iPhone screen, choose mailing addresses from Address Book, and more.

Thank You Cards for the iPhoneThank You Cards for the iPhone

The app uses The ThankYouPro service for printing and mailing your cards, priced at US$2.99 each including postage. Lower prices are available for bulk orders, and the company is targeting users looking for professional designs to use as part of their followup with clients, customers and prospects.

The Thank You Cards app is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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OK it may be a one trick pony but that could be a very useful one trick pony. $2.99 beats the cost of taking time to get a card and mailing it (or having your staff do it). I could see sales people and others finding it seriously handy. Heck, give it to your kid just before Xmas/birthday/wedding/etc. and maybe they’ll send thank yous for the gifts. Remember most cards are a few bucks plus postage. This would probably end up being cheaper.

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