That Was Quick: Tom Bihn Announces iPad Sleeve/Case

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Tom Bihn announced Wednesday the the Cache, a sleeve for Apple's new iPad tablet. Announced just hours after the iPad's unveiling at a media event in San Francisco and two months before the iPad will actually ship, the company said the Cache itself will ship within 10 days of the iPad's shipping date.

The Cache is a sleeve with 1/4" thick foam padding on either side. The outer surface is a coating of four-ply Taslan, and the inside is crushed tricot. The company said it will fit either a naked iPad, or an iPad encased in Apple's own iPad Case.

The Cache is available for pre-order now, and is priced at US$30.

The company is also positioning its Ristretto messenger bag for the iPad. Ristretto also works with slim netbook devices, and is available immediately.

The Cache The Ristretto
The Cache iPad sleeve The Ristretto messenger bag for iPad and netbooks


Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

That’s nice. I’m working on a neoprene chest band. Think iPad meets Flavor Flave.


Awesome Bosco, let me know when that goes on sale haha
I’m thinking of starting a site selling iPad holders(cases) if anyone is interested its at
Let me know what you think!


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