The Hunger Games Trilogy Finally Available on iBooks

The Hunger GamesRejoice Katniss/iPad fans, because Susanne Collins's The Hunger Games trilogy is finally available on iBooks. The books are some of the most popular books of the last five years, and were the biggest holdout for iBooks until a few days ago.

The Hunger Games books have long been available on Amazon's Kindle platform—including the Kindle app for iPad—but they weren't available for Apple's ebook platform. This appears to have been a rights issue involving the publisher—Scholastic—and the author, but I was never able to find out anything definitive.

All of which is now moot, because the books are available, and they're quite inexpensive for such popular titles.

They're also available as a single book for a savings of $0.98:

The books are also now available in a myriad of translations on iBooks.