The Magic Show with an iPad (Video)

Today we have a very entertaining and awesome video to share with you. It's a five minute clip of a magician named Simon Pierro demonstrating an iPad for prospective customers, but what he's really doing is solid sleight-of-hand magic tricks with the iPad as a prop.

Actually we're only guessing that's what's going on because the presentation is being made in German. The reality, however, is that you don't need to speak a word of German to see the brilliance in this show and find it to be awesomely entertaining.

What we find particularly interesting is that a magician has found a way to incorporate iPad gestures into his act. Many of those gestures use proprietary apps (at least we didn't find them on the App Store), including apps that duplicate iBooks and even the iPad's home screen.

For instance, in this screen, we see what's supposed to be an iBooks book with a gingerbread man cookie:

Be Careful, Gingerbread Man!

iBooks Demo

When the magician snaps a leg off of the hapless cookie, notice how the smile becomes a frown. Come on, that's awesome!

Oh Nooooooooooo!!!

Oh Noooooooooooo!!!

It's a genius performance, and we heartily recommend it.

Thanks to frequent Mac Geek Gab co-conspirator @PilotPete for the link.

Update: This article was updated with the magician's name, Simon Pierro, and a link to his site. - Editor.]