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The Tech News Debris for the Week of May 12


Apple sells its iPad charger for US$19. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you tried to buy a cheaper charger, one that is perhaps even counterfeit? Ken Shirriff has the, ahem, shocking truth.

You've seen the rumor headlines about Apple introducing a split-screen, multi-app mode to iOS 8. It's certainly possible, but there may a bit tricker than thought. Andrew Cunningham takes a look at the ins and outs. "Bringing Windows 8-style multitasking to iPads isn’t as simple as it seems."

If you're arrested, do you have a right to record the process with your own smartphone? It's a good question and certainly needs to be worked out legally. In the meantime, a catchy headline (by a solid writer Chris Matyszczyk) draws our attention. "Woman records her own arrest, then charged with wiretapping."

I bring this next one up because there has been some thinking (me included) that if, and I mean if, Apple were to build the whole widget UHDTV, it may well have a curved screen. As only a single data point for your consideration, here's what David Katzmaier at CNET discovered in a home test run with his family. "My life with a curved TV: Day 1."

Image Credit: Samsung HU9000 UHDTV

Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), also called land lines, is not so high tech. It can also be expensive compared to its utility thanks to all the taxes that have been added over the years. Even so, there are people in rural areas with no cell coverage — or who can't afford modern smartphones and contracts — who still need a land line. Wouldn't you know it, AT&T and Verizon are trying to accelerate the process of dropping them completely all too soon for some people.  Jon Brodkin writes: " Verizon, AT&T leaving landline phone networks to rot, complaint says."

Dan Frakes at Macworld has noticed that there are a lot of things iOS Mail could be doing better, and he's compiled at great wish list. Check it out: "iOS 8 changes we'd like to see: Mail."

I've written before about how Apple is all about leveraging its expertise in security as a marketing edge. When the competition doesn't do as well, it comes to the very public attention of various people, in this case U.S. Senator Al Franken. "Senator Al Franken questions Samsung about the Galaxy S5′s security and privacy."

This next item doesn't relate specifically to Apple, but because we spend a lot of time covering smartphones, their cameras and security, this next by Russell Brandon may be of technical interest. "The camera on your phone might be the best defense you have." Perhaps Apple is already aware of this.

Does Microsoft have one last Ace up its sleeve to save the Surface tablet? I doubt it, but we'll find out for sure on May 20. Gregg Keizer asks if this event is a "Surface do-or-die moment?"

Finally, over that The Verge, Ben Popper reveals all when it comes to: "Game of phones: how Verizon is playing the FCC and its customers." If you read anything this week, read this.


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