The Perfect Name for OS X 10.9

What will Apple call OS X 10.9? Inquiring minds want to know. Apple has run through all of the big cats in the lifetime of OS X (formerly known as Mac OS X): Cheetah (10.0), Puma (10.1), Jaguar (10.2), Panther (10.3), Tiger (10.4), Leopard (10.5), Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7), and Mountain Lion (10.8).

Technically, there's even a couple of repeats in there, and Mac fans (and a few Apple critics, too) have long speculated on Apple's naming scheme, and the question many of us have asked is what will come after Mountain Lion? What will Apple call OS X 10.9?

Lynx? Bobcat? Maybe Manx?

Toss those ideas from your mind, because our own Jim Tanous thinks he has the answer. If you want the reveal, click the image below.

OS X 10.9?

Click the image for what Apple could call OS X 10.9.

OK, maybe keep Lynx handy. Barring a move to a new phylum altogether, Lynx may not be so bad.