The SoDoSoPaization of Silicon Valley

I suspect everyone in Silicon Valley loves fascism, because when it comes to marketing, no one can think for themselves. Nothing else can explain the unbearable, total non-thinking, incessant, goose-step mimicry of Apple. I’m not just talking about products. I’m talking about brain dead marketing mimicry I like to call SoDoSoPaization.

SoDoSoPaization is a derivative of the word "SoDoSoPa," a fictional housing development dreamt up by the geniuses at South Park. You need to hear them pronounce SoDoSoPa for full effect.

You can also watch CtPa Town (NSFW) and Villas at Kenny's House (NSFW), but the tl;dr version is they noticed every single real estate video for a "swank" new building project in an urban center ripe for gentrification follows the exact same cookie cutter template of voice overs, language, pans, pacing, and music, coupled to some stupid name for the real estate project. Like SoDoSoPa, a ridiculous name for the "South of Downtown South Park" development.

Silicon Valley is following this trend in what seems like every single startup project. Find any kickstarter-ish video and you see the same inane Jesus complex (i.e., “change-the-world"), fake/bad (English) accent voice overs, with Apple-marketing-like pacing, wording, presentation pans/rotations/backdrops. They also also use the same horrid, royalty free music scores, and are coupled to horrifically kitschy names.

If you want to see what I mean, check out this series of "7 Things You Won’t Believe Actually Exist #1" (through infinity), each of which is a clever hit whore compilation of promo videos from these startups.

Not enough? Skip ahead to "7 Things you didn't know existed #29." What’s sad is that a lot of the projects featured in those videos are really cool, but these SoDoSoPaized marketing presentations transform the project into self-parody.

For the love that is all good, it’s got to stop. I mean please, before this becomes some horrible elevator music version of A Clockwork Orange. Change up the recipe! Get Crazy Eddie back. Anything would be better than this self adulating, cookie-cutter marketing masturbation.