The Ultimate Apple Watch Comparison Chart

Rob Griffiths has posted a great comparison chart for Apple Watch. It lists every model with every strap option, and includes the price, weight, and size of the model. If you're interested in this device, it's a must-see.

"There’s a gallery page at Apple’s site where you can page through all of the watches, and get the details on each specific model," he wrote in a blog post. "You can also view the watches in the store, where you can find pricing info. Both of these solutions, though, require lots of paging and scrolling to get all the details. I was curious as to how all the watches compared, so I pulled data from those sources and made one massive spreadsheet."

And it is massive. The image below is 2942 x 1460 pixels. It will display at a maximum width of 1000 pixels on our site (when you click on it), but you can right click on that version to see it at full size.

You can also download his spreadsheet and view it in that format, because Mr. Griffiths has encouraged the Apple community to share his chart.


Apple Watch Comparison Chart

Rob Griffiths's Ultimate All-in-One Apple Watch Comparison Chart
(Click for a larger image: right-click for the full size image)