The Woz Files for Aussie Visa, Wants to Live in New Zealand

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Steve Wozniak is keen to live in New Zealand, so much so, the Apple cofounder is applying for Australian citizenship to make living in and traveling to and from the country easier. He and Mrs. Woz have fallen in love with New Zealand, and Aussie passports will allow them to travel to and from and live in New Zealand with ease.

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak

The Woz isn't planning on dropping his U.S. citizenship, and will instead maintain dual citizenship if granted citizenship Down Under. According to NBC's Bay Area website, this path offers the tech icon the most flexibility while increasing his tax burden, rather than serving as a tax shelter.

New Zealand and Australia allow great travel freedom for each other's citizens. According to a New Zealand government website, Aussies, "will usually be allowed to live, work or study in New Zealand and won't need to apply for any type of visa before travelling."

Mr. Wozniak was met at the airport by reporters when returning from Australia, where he confirmed his plans and his desire to live in New Zealand. He also confirmed that he had applied for a residency visa in Australia.

"Listen, I would never pay that kind of money for that kind of visa if I weren't serious (about Australian citizenship)," he told NBC.

Mr. Wozniak is a beloved figure in the Bay Area. He not only grew up there, he founded Apple with Steve Jobs, he was instrumental in mainstreaming the personal computer by designing and building the Apple I and Apple II computer.

He has lived in Los Gatos for many years (a prior residence of his in the town is currently on the market for US$4.5 million), and has been involved in many charities and a few other tech companies, too. He is currently the chief scientist at Fusion-io.

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The Bay Area without Mr. Wozniak will be a little bit less awesome, but we can't blame him for wanting to live in New Zealand.

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I think Woz should live where he wants, but I don’t think he’ll find the extra tax paperwork burden to be worth the effort to maintain dual citizenship. Seriously, they’re just wrapping expats in red tape.


I think you’ll find that Australia and New Zealand are part of the Commonwealth not United Kingdom.

Bryan Chaffin

Thanks for the note laIN, and my apologies to those in and out of the UK. The article has been corrected. smile


Makes sense to me. We left the US five years ago. We will be applying for Canadian citizenship next year.


@Geoduck You’re a US Citizen? I have for years thought you were a Subject of the Crown myself…


Yes, but I’m working hard to fit in. Learning to use Zed rather than Zee. Remembering we have an MP who’s a Tory. Adapting to Metrics. Remembering it was us that won the War of 1812. Breakfast at Tim Horton’s.  Memorizing The Rant.  It’s been fun, eh?

Alex Hagan

I actually met Woz in Melbourne last week and asked him about this story.  He said it would be a couple of years before he relocated to Australia or New Zealand, because he needs to be somewhere like California that’s convenient for travelling at the moment.  The visa application process can take some time, but you’d hope that they’d expedite it for Woz.  P.S.  I wrote a blog post on my 10 interesting and bizarre facts about Woz here if anyone’s interested -

Bernie Gee

Don’t worry about all the paper work, just get yourself a tinny and a radio to send out your SOS.


But if he wants to live in New Zealand (and who can blame him? Beautiful country and they play rugby quite well down there, too, and I say that as a Welshman…), why not get a New Zealand visa and passport? It must be y age, but that seems to be a lot more logical, Captain.


why not get a New Zealand visa and passport?

Because then The Woz would be a Kiwi and across the water we Aussies tend to look down a little bit on our Kiwi friends.

There are jokes about Kiwis & sheep:


An Australian ventriloquist visiting New Zealand, walks into a small village and sees a local sitting on his porch patting his dog. He figures he’ll have a little fun.
Ventriloquist: “G’day Mate! Good looking dog, mind if I speak to him?”
Villager: “The dog doesn’t talk, you stupid Aussie.”
Ventriloquist: “Hello dog, how’s it going mate?”
Dog: “Doin’ all right”
Villager: (look of extreme shock)
Ventriloquist: “Is this villager your owner?” (pointing at the villager)
Dog: “Yep”
Ventriloquist: “How does he treat you?”
Dog: “Real good. He walks me twice a day, feeds me great food and takes me to the lake once a week to play.”
Villager: (look of utter disbelief)
Ventriloquist: “Mind if I talk to your horse?”
Villager: “Uh, the horse doesn’t talk either….I think.”
Ventriloquist: “Hey horse, how’s it going?”
Horse: “Cool”
Villager: (absolutely dumbfounded)
Ventriloquist: “Is this your owner?” (pointing at the villager)
Horse: “Yep”
Ventriloquist: “How does he treat you?”
Horse: “Pretty good, thanks for asking. He rides me regularly, brushes me down often and keeps me in the barn to protect me from the elements.”
Villager: (total look of amazement)
Ventriloquist: “Mind if I talk to your sheep?”
Villager: “The sheep’s a liar”


“Remembering it was us that won the War of 1812.”

Well no, not really.  The War of 1812 was between the Brits and the French, which the Brits ultimately won.  There were a few other combatants, as well.  It was a war that engulfed the whole of Europe, and beyond.

Our part in it was a series of skirmishes with the Brits, and while we did ultimately drive them out, it didn’t really amount to what one would call a war, compared to the much larger conflict with the Duke of Wellington and Admiral Viscount Nelson against Napoleon.


If Woz wants to live and work in New Zealand, why not just apply for New Zealand citizenship?


It is customary to live for a few years in a new country before being able to apply for citizenship. In the U.S., it’s five years after you receive your Green Card.

Of course, there are exceptions. Rupert Murdoch is the one that most readily comes to mind.


iJack: Agreed. Our bit was just a sideshow.
But tell that to the Government commission running these commercials

Roger Moffat

Australians think that New Zealanders have carnal knowledge of sheep…

New Zealanders know that Australians are the result of such a union grin


New Zealanders know that Australians are the result of such a union

Nah, we’re descended from Convicts didn’t you know ?


“Nah, we’re descended from Convicts didn’t you know ?”

We Americans had our fair share of transported criminals end up on our shores, too.  Where do you think all of our bankers and stockbrokers came from?

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