The Woz's Old House For Sale at $4.5 Million

Up in the LG—that's Los Gatos if you're not in "the know"—a mere $4.5 million will get you Steve Wozniak's old house. The two story piece of architectural awesomeness is nestled in the exclusive hills above Los Gatos proper, one of the wealthier townships in Silicon Valley.

Woz's Old House

This Old Woz House

The house isn't where Mr. Wozniak currently lives, and he's not the one selling it, but...well, he used to live there, and it seems that housing developments relating to Apple's current executives or the founders or the founder's parents are interesting to folks.

Woz House

A Den, Maybe a Living Room

In the meanwhile, this house is very cool. It's 7,500 square feet and features six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a detached, multi-car garage, all on 1.19 acres of prime LG real estate.

The Hills of LG

The Hills Above Los Gatos from a Back Patio

The place has been recently renovated, and it includes a swimming pool with a waterfall. It also includes an indoor kids play area, which might be this little room.

Woz House

Kids Playroom or Woz's Old Getaway Space?

The house is listed on Redfin, where you can find a full slideshow and all the other details of this house. CNet noted that it was Mr. Wozniak's old house.