The Beatles Exclusive to iTunes Into 2011

The Beatles deal with iTunes announced earlier on Tuesday is an exclusive deal into 2011, according to EMI, the record label that owns most of the rights to the band’s catalog. A label spokesperson told many media outlets that the deal is exclusive, and that there is a definite end date to that exclusivity, but EMI has not actually specified when that date is.

AllThingsD asked if after that exclusivity ends if we can expect to see The Beatles on other digital download sites, and spokesperson Dylan Jones replied merely, “That’s a question, isn’t it.”

In other words, while Apple has exclusive rights to the band’s catalog through this Christmas shopping season and into the next year, there’s nothing definite yet that competing services such as Amazon or the subscription sites will then have their turn at The Fab Four.

Expressed as a mathematical formula, one might say it as:

Beatles 2011