The Daily Free Trial Extended to March 21

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News Corp has extended the free trial period for its iPad-only new paper, The Daily, yet again. This time the company is pushing the free trial period out to March 21.

The Daily: Still free

The Daily launched on February 2 with the promise free issues for the first two weeks. News Corp shifted the free trial window back shortly before the original deadline hit.

Once News Corp ends the free issue deal, subscriptions will cost US$0.99 a week, or $40 a year.

Along with the promise of more free issues, News Corp also released another update for the iPad app. The latest update offers better performance and stability, according to the company.

The Daily app is available as a free download at Apple’s iTunes-based Web site.

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Every products of Apple even the small Daily app are only jokes, Every time I need to wait for a long time, the
new iPad, the verizon iPhone and the white iPhone etc. So disappoint! OMG. 
But the product is not very poor. I get an verizon iPhone and an iPhone video converter from ANEESOFT.


The Daily is a cool app.  I like how it works for the most part and I like the cheap price it will have once the trial period is over. But I don’t think it will be enough for me to buy issues or a subscription.  I can get the same news elsewhere, from multiple sources, for free. Sure, there may be some special insight The Daily can offer, but so do other sites and apps, for free. I’m a little put off also that there are still problems with loading and crashes for this app. Developers have had more than enough time to sort out this supposed “revolutionary” app.

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