The Full Version of Vue 7 Pioneer Is Now a Free Download

Vue 7 PioneerE-On Software announced Tuesday that its Vue 7 Pioneer CG designer tool is now available as a free download. Vue-7 Pioneer is an entry level tool that allows designers to create their own 3D worlds.

Previously, a trial version of Vue 7 was available for free through the E-On Software Web site. Now, the entire software package can be downloaded for free. At the same time, E-On Software also announced the preparation of a new set of entry level Vue 7 Products, called the Vue 7 T-Packs, (“T” representing "Thematic Packs").

These software packages come with the Vue 7 Core application as well as a large collection of thematic content centered on the worlds of Fantasy, Science Fiction or Fairy


Vue 7 Pioneer is published by Cornucopia3D, a division of E-On Software. Vue 7 Pioneer is now available for free download at the division’s Web site. The Vue 7 T-Packs can be purchased directly through E-On Software 's online store and are priced at US$49.95.