The Latest App Store Games: Gravity Sling, RocketBird, Ground Effect, Checkers!

New games now available at the App Store include the puzzle game Gravity Sling, the action title RocketBird, the arcade racer Ground Effect, and the self-explanatory Checkers!.

In Gravity Sling, players must use the gravity of nearby planets to slingshot an astronaut through space and safely return to a space shuttle. It’s free – a pack containing 30 more levels can be purchased in-app for US$0.99.

RocketBird lives up to its name by having the player control a bird with a rocket strapped to its back. Players catch stars to keep the rocket’s fuel tank filled while avoiding mills, cows, farms, trees, fences, and other obstacles. Three difficulty levels are included.

Flying also factors in Ground Effect, a 3D arcade racer in which players’ vehicles fly at top speeds on a cushion of air. Ten vehicles are available, along with 14 levels, a replay mode, a ghost race against the player’s fastest time, and more.

In Checkers! ($1.99), players can choose from four rule sets, three languages, and various graphical options. The interface is also customizable.