The Movies: Superstar Edition Hits the Red Carpet June 30

Feral Interactive on Tuesday announced that The Movies: Superstar Edition, which includes the original Hollywood mogul game and its Stunts & Effects expansion pack, will debut on June 30. Players run their own movie studio, hiring and firing stars, directors, screenwriters, and crew as they develop and release original films that succeed or fail on the basis of how well the talent involved was managed.

The Stunts & Effects expansion pack brings stuntmen into the game, allowing players to hire and fire them while planning out movies that require a variety of special effects. The expansion pack also includes sets, vehicles, costumes, and other items needed for making big budget films.

The package also features more than 30 bonus original musical selections from composer Dan Pemberton, who was nominated for a BAFTA (England's equivalent of the Academy Awards) for his work. The music spans the silent era's piano ditties to the soaring John Williams-esque orchestral pieces of big budget epics.

The Movies: Superstar Edition will sell for US$49.95.  System requirements call for Mac OS X version 10.5, a 1.6GHz PowerPC or Intel Mac, 512MB RAM, 64MB of video RAM, 8GB of hard drive space, and a DVD drive.