The Onion: Apple Launches Friend Bar for Mac People to Talk Macs

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Satire media outlet The Onion published a new video news “story” about Apple adding a new service to its fleet of retail stores called the Friend Bar. The video (below) nicely skewers (us) Mac fans in a way that makes it clear that the writers of the piece truly understand the material.

“Building on the success of their Genius Bars, today, Apple Stores across the country unveiled the Friend Bar, where obsessive Apple users can come to discuss Mac products at length,” Andrea Bennett introduced the piece as anchor for the fake news service.

Several bits of additional comedic gold follow, including a quote from one of Apple’s new “Friends,” who said, “Unlike your girlfriend or your coworkers, we’re not going to get tired of discussing the wireless networking capabilities of the Snow Leopard operating system.”

It is, in short, genius, or so we think.

New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products
From The Onion

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Lee Dronick

Replaces the Apple user groups we had back in the ‘80s. smile


And across from the Apple Store is the Microsoft Store….

which houses the iHAG (I Hate Apple Group) Bar…

A friendly place where Flash and .Net programmers can congregate and gripe about how evil Steve Jobs is and how Apple users are all mindless drones.


Genius is correct.
Very funny.
If I weren’t married, I would probably need the Friend Bar.



Actually this would reduce lines a the Genius Bar.  Now I am drooling at the prospect of my private Apple Store.  Whoa!!!  Nirvana!!!


With friends like these, who needs customer service people?

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