The Onion Shows Us Apple's MacBook Wheel

In a brilliantly executed spoof, satirical news organization The Onion is showing the world Apple's newest member of the MacBook family, the MacBook Wheel. According to The Onion, Apple replaced the keyboard on its newest MacBook with a giant iPod-like wheel one uses to choose each letter, allowing one fan on hand for the fake event to compose an e-mail to his friend in only 45 minutes.

Other highlights include the demonstration of using the wheel by a fake Apple spokesperson (who added that, "We think there's nothing more simple than a single giant button"), predictive sentence completion, the fan who said he'd buy almost anything "bright and shiny" from Apple, the Hummingbird Battery that lasts an entire 19 minutes between charges, and the conclusion from the anchor that it remains to be seen if the Wheel will catch on in the business world, "where people use computers for more than just dicking around."

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard, from The Onion.