The Pragmatic Studio Announces iPhone/iPad Programming Courses

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The Pragmatic Studio announced Friday “iPhone/iPad Programming,” a programming series of classes the company is offering in Santa Clara, CA and Chicago, IL. The four day course will be taught by developers Matt Drance and Daniel Steinberg, and includes hands-on coding experience.

Students will learn how to use Apple’s API’s in iPhone SDK 4, get hands-on coding experience, and be able to ask their instructors questions.

Topics include:

  • Intro to Objective-C
  • Xcode and Interface Builder
  • Cocoa Touch APIs and Design Patterns
  • View Controllers
  • Navigation and Tab Bar Controllers
  • Table Views
  • Keyboard Input
  • Gesture Recognizers
  • Animation
  • Core Data
  • Custom Graphics
  • Performance and Debugging
  • Practical tips, tricks, and techniques used by the experts

The Santa Clara class will take place from August 17th through the 20th, and the Chicago class will take place from October 25th through the 28th.

Registration is US$2295, and there’s an early bird discount of $300 (see the company’s site for details).

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Darn, wish I had the money! This will sell out fast.


Holy moly! For that price I better be able to hit the top 25 list on my first app wink


For 4 days of classes, that’s not all that expensive. $573 a day is very reasonable. Hopefully they’ll do one in Boston soon.


That’s a fools price, but corporations will shell out the fee to send any takers on a mini distraction break. I recall my corp paying some lazy bum 2 weeks of my pay to train us for 3 days. We could have learned more if they paid us to read the manuals and practice on our own for one week.

If it was going to sell out fast would they be offering an early bird discount?

Better to take a god college course.

You have to love the irony of the name: “Pragmatic”

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