The Seven Types of iPhone Users has put out a PDF of what it sees as the seven types of iPhone users, The Fanboy, The Unapreciative, The Overuser, The Desk Job, The Hacker, the Senior Citizen, and The Complainer.

While it’s an obvious gimmick for promoting the telephone area code lookup service, the firm’s list offers enough (uncomfortably amusing) stereotypical truth to warrant a mention.

To wit: “The Fanboy is excited about everything Apple. He owns every previous version of the iPhone, and frequently posts on Mac rumor forums. […] The Fanboy blames any and all problems on AT&T, and is fully prepared to scapegoat Verizon as well.”

Yeah, we know. We resemble that, too.

Then there’s The Complainer:


The Complainer
Source: AllAreaCodes

You can view the writeups on each of the seven types at