The Soulmen Release Ulysses 2.0 with Many New Features

The Blue Technologies Group announced Monday that it was no more, and that a new company called The Soulmen - comprised of Blue Technologies veterans - would arise in its place to take over development and distribution of the text editor Ulysses. The Soulmen then promptly announced that it was releasing Ulysses 2.0, a major upgrade to the app.

Ulysses is a text editor aimed at creative writers and authors, and the upgrade to version 2.0 includes many and sundry new features, including a new interface. Our own John Martellaro reviewed version 1.x of the app in his comprehensive shootout of text editors.

New features include:

  • Editor Bookmarks And Style-Jumpers
  • Project Templates
  • Notes In Console Mode
  • Document Trash
  • "Unfiled" Filter
  • Highlighted Search Terms
  • Document Counts
  • Editor Selection Highlight

The company also included several fixes for past issues in the update.

Ulysses 2.0 is priced at €44.99 (US$62.92 as of this writing), and upgrades from any version of 1.x of the app is priced at €24.99 ($34.95). An educational license is offered at €34.99 ($48.94).Ulysses 2.0 Screenshot
Ulysses 2.0 Screenshot