TheStreet's Jim Cramer: Apple's Competitors "No Longer Relevant"

Jim Cramer, an investment analyst, was interviewed recently about Apple. He said that all you have to do is pay attention to Apple and have teenage kids to realize that that the other companies who make products that compete with Appleis are no longer relevant. PCis might as well be a typewriter and the iPhone is the new status symbol with teenagers.

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Mr. Cramer, a respected and talented observer of Wall Street, had his eyes opened when he started looking at the culture surrounding his teenagers and how they perceived non-Apple products as totally uncool.

He asserted that thereis actually a lot of resistance by people who analyze stocks to whatis really going on with Apple in that theyire not deeply engaged. They donit go to the Apple stores, or like Mr. Cramer, are not lucky enough to have kids through which they can get a better perception of the industry.

His conclusion, in a fascinating video interview, was that Apple has remarkable pull with the youth and the acceleration of Apple has just begun.