Thieves Rob Greenwich Apple Store Tuesday

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Thieves robbed the Apple Store in Greenwich, CT Tuesday morning, the most recent robbery Apple has had to deal with in its fleet of retail stores. CTNow reported that police said at least five people were involved in the smash and grab, as you can see in the photo below.

Greenwich Police Robbery Photo

Source: Greenwich Police

The store, located at 356 Greenwich Ave. in the town of Greenwich, which is near the coast of Long Island Sound and the city of Stamford, CT. A street-level location (see Apple’s promo pic below), the police said that the thieves simply broke through the front door and grabbed as many MacBook models and iOS devices as they could, and bolted.

The police placed the value on the stolen loot in the tens of thousands of dollars (US).

Promo Pic of Greenwich Apple Store

Source: Apple

Apple has been the object of many such robberies, as thieves have learned what Mac users have long known: Apple kit has enormously high resale value, even when used. In New York City over the summer, there was also a rash of robberies that took place when new merchandise was being delivered.

In California, FedEx employees went so far as to rob one of their own (and then show up to work later that day in the getaway car). One customer with an iPad inside of his Apple retail shopping bag was even robbed before he could make it to his car.

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Lee Dronick

It was a mean time in Greenwich.


The CSI could use some help from iPhoto face recognition tech on the CCTV snapshots.


If I were Eric Schmidt or Steve Ballmer, I’d be positively jealous that no one seems to want to steal any Android phones or any of Microsoft’s stuff.  It is really quiet embarrassing when even the thieving classes don’t find any value in your products.  Surely, someone somewhere must want to steal an Android phone, a Windows PC, a Windows 7 phone, something made by either of those companies.


Sir Harry - I love it! But before they fence the good, what will they do in the mean time?

Lee Dronick

But before they fence the good, what will they do in the mean time?

Passing the time in Meridian Mississippi. smile

The CSI could use some help from iPhoto face recognition tech on the CCTV snapshots.

I wonder if Apple has software installed on display Macs and iPads to help track them if stolen. There are 3rd party products, but it is possible that Apple has home grown software. Not to mention the numerous stories about stupid thieves broadcasting their crimes on Facebook. This morning I read a story about thieves stealing a cargo container of household appliances not knowing that the shipment had a GPS tracking device; They got caught.

Sidebar: That is nice looking store front, I like architectural arches.


It’s not GMT any longer, Sir Harry.  It’s now UTC - Under The Counter.

Lee Dronick

It?s not GMT any longer, Sir Harry.? It?s now UTC - Under The Counter.

This UTC? If so it is only about 6 miles from me, or 9.65 kilometers for those still stuck in the metric system. smile

I was a ship’s navigator for over 20 years and know from UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and GMT, hence the time related wordplay that I have been doing.

Have a great night.

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