Things 1.2 Improves Snow Leopard Support, More

Cultured Code announced the immediate availability of Things 1.2 on Friday. The update for the task management and to-do application improved Mac OS X 10.6 support, and added Spotlight and Quick Look support, too.

Version 1.2 also added a system-wide keyboard shortcut for the Quick Entry dialog, and is fully localized in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Russian.

Along with Things 1.2, Cultured Code also released a new iGTD importer and plug-ins for LaunchBar, Quicksilver and the Google Quick Search Box.

The addition of the iGTD importer will come as good news for Bartek Bargiel fans -- the creator of the iGTD application -- because he's now part of the Cultured Code team, too. The importer tool means iGTD users have an easy way to transition into Things, and all iGTD users that donated to the project are eligible for a free Things license.

Things 1.2 is priced at US$49.95. The update is free for registered users.