Things Cloud Beta goes Public

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Things Cloud, the online syncing service for the Mac and iOS Things task management apps, is available as a public beta. Cultured Code made the announcement on Tuesday, finally giving its users an option for syncing tasks between their Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Things Cloud beta goes publicThings Cloud beta goes public

While Things Cloud seems to be working well, it is still in beta and is missing some features. User cloud databases, for example, are separate from their existing Things databases. Cultured Code says merging the two will be its next milestone.

Extremely large databases are seeing some performance issues, which should improve as the beta code is refined.

“In the coming weeks we are going to work out some kinks and performance bottlenecks related to such large databases,” the company said in a blog post. “This is an important final step towards enabling the import of existing data. Once the import feature is ready, we’ll post another update.”

Things users interested in trying out the Things Cloud beta can sign up at the Cultured Code website.

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Honestly, I waited for this from them for over a year and they never delivered. Since then I switched to Omni, who had been doing cloud syncing for quite a while. This Beta is half baked, and missing a ton of things. Apple’s own reminders app is far ahead of anything Cultured Code is putting out. Granted I loved the iPhone version of Things to death. Simple and powerful!! I’m guessing this Beta will last for another year while they drag their feet. I can think of at least 10 other todo apps that have been doing syncing much longer and better then Things.


According to the Omni website, you have to either have your own server or MobileMe (a service for which you can’t even sign up anymore) to sync and doesn’t have any component that you could even loosely define as cloud sync. Am I missing something?

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